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Admission and enrolment

Registering to a master or a postgraduate program at UPF-IDEC is very easy. You simply have to participate in an admission process, and if you are admitted, enrol on the program.

How do I enrol?

  • Fill in the online application form

    You will find it on your program's webpage. Once there, do not forget to consult the "Admission and enrolment" section, where you will find further information on the admission process.

  • Pay the application fee of €120

    If you are not admitted, we will refund the application fee. If you are admitted, the amount of the application fee will be discounted from the total tuition fee. The fee will not be refunded only in the event that you terminate the registration process before enrolling.

  • Send the documentation required for admission

    Once you have filled in the admission application form you must send us the required documentation through our online document upload platform. You will be sent the access codes in a confirmation email. You can consult the exact list of documents required for your program both on the online document upload platform and your program's website ("Admission and enrolment" section).

  • Admission interview

    Not all master programs and postgraduate courses require an admission interview. To find out if an interview is part of the admission process for your program check the "Admission and enrolment" section of your program's website. In the event that an interview is required, we will contact you in order to schedule it.

  • Consult the status of your application

    You will be informed of the outcome of your application by email shortly after having completed the application process. If you are a student from outside of the European Union you will also receive an email containing information on the process of obtaining a student visa.

  • Formalize your enrolment

    Once you are accepted to your master program or postgraduate course you will need to formalize your enrolment before classes begin and present certified photocopies of some of the documents sent electronically during the application process. Remember that if you are an international student there will be additional requirements you have to prepare before arriving in Barcelona.

Our courses on offer


    • 1 to 2 academic years
    • 60 ECTS or more
    • Admission process required
    • Final degree issued by Pompeu Fabra University
    • Called "masters universitarios" in Spanish
    • Recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
    • Credits are recognized for doctoral studies
    • Called "masters propios" in Spanish
    • Their academic recognition is endorsed by UPF's international prestige, and the quality of its teaching staff
    • Their professional recognition depends, ultimately, on the institutions or companies to which they are submitted by their holders

    • Up to 1 academic year
    • 10 ECTS or more
    • Admission process required
    • Final degree issued by Pompeu Fabra University

    • Variable length
    • Recognition in hours, not in ECTS
    • Admission process not always required
    • Final degree issued by UPF-IDEC

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