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Alumni Summer Program


The Alumni department of the UPF Barcelona School of Management has organized 4 intensive master sessions with the participation of professors and great professionals of hot topic issues. These sessions are scheduled for the last week of June.

The 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of June will be intensive for the Alumni of the UPF Barcelona School of Management who want to update or train with topical topics. Titles such as digital transformation, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the world of work, how to make public presentations: the keys to success, and the (re) evolution of social capital: shared value generation, will be the protagonists of these sessions .

Genis Roca will offer an intensive course on digital transformation on June 26. This session will cover the current moment of the Internet, the technical and social changes that are converging and their impact on the way to organize business and society. It will not only be a theoretical session: it will separate the grain from the straw of concepts to the agenda as Big Data, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of things, and will be offered a road map to manage the situation, The business point of view as personal.
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Oriol Amat and Xavier Puig on June 27 will give a course on the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the world of work and will propose actions to advance in the midst of this disruptive change that we live. According to a MIT study, a robot replaces an average of six jobs and also predicts that wages will fall by 25%. And according to the International Federation of Robotics in the world there are currently 1.5 million robots and it is expected that in 2025 there will be 6 million. The World Bank also says that 60% of jobs will be affected by these disruptive innovations. Among the jobs that can be most affected are those in the areas of accounting, control and finance.
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Joan Francesc Cánovas will offer a course on June 28 with the title How to make public presentations: the keys to success. Public presentation is a technique that is often confused with an art. It needs technique, it can generate emotion and it can even be beautiful but the most important thing is that it achieves the objectives and therefore that it is effective. To do this we have to focus on four aspects: positioning of the speaker (the speaker), characteristics of what is called (the message), conditions that influence listening (noise) and audience analysis (the listener ). Mastering these four aspects in a world in which less and less is heard and is looked at more is the key to the success of a public presentation.
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Enric Jaulent will give a session / debate on June 29 with a current theme as The (re) evolution of social capital: generation of shared value. Jaulent will tell us about how companies can be driving the improvement of society and how this can contribute to the generation of social capital.
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