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Oriol Amat: Why some companies obtain loans and others no


Oriol Amat, the director of the Master's in Financial and Accounting Management, wrote on the reasons why some companies obtain loans and others no in an article published in La Vanguardia on 8 May 2011. The professor of financial economics at Pompeu Fabra University pointed out that “many companies which are not granted loans today do not deserve to”.

In his article, Oriol Amat declared that “in order for a company to obtain a loan, three conditions must exist, and the problem is that most do not meet them”. Amat listed such conditions: “Firstly, the company must have a good project enabling it to have the capacity to return the loan. Secondly, the company must be capitalised with a healthy balance sheet”. As a final condition, Amat stated that “the company must provide guarantees when requesting the loan”.

Oriol Amat is the director of the Master's in Financial and Accounting Management and participates as a lecturer on numerous programmes at IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The professional areas of interest of the professor of Financial Economy and Accounting at the UPF are company analysis and accounting management. Oriol Amat has recently published the book Euforia y pánico, analysing the causes behind the current situation of the economy.

Please click here to read the full article (in Spanish) published in La Vanguardia

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