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Bioforum: Future and development of Biobusiness


The Alumni Club  of the Master's in Science and Innovation Leadership and Management of the Barcelona School of Management is starting up the UPF Bioforum project, under the auspices of Pompeu Fabra Universitat.

The objective of Bioforum 2011 is to organise an active forum promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences among those involved in Biobusiness (investors, entrepreneurs, consultants) and providing networking opportunities. It is aimed at all those related to or interested in innovation in Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Biobusiness.

The event consists of an inaugural conference and a series of debates with the participation of managers from the main companies and research centres of the biotechnology and biomedicine branches in Spain: Anaxomics, Genoma España, Janus Developments, Gendiag, Trifermed and YSIOS Capital Partners. The inaugural conference will be run by Montserrat Vendrell, General Manager of Biocat. The debate will be divided into two sections:

Section I:   “Future i Biomedicine and Biotechnology: Do we have a road map?”

Section I intends to provide an overview of the current status of biotechnology and biomedicine, as well as future guidelines to be followed for the correct development of the sector  (possibilities, limits, opportunities, Where are we?, Is there a road map? What needs to be done?, What is being done in other countries?, etc.). All this is aimed at defining what is expected of biotechnology and biomedicine in current times.

Section II:   “Business development and the creation of Biocompanies: keys to success and attitudes in the face of adversity”

Once the key elements of the future of Biomedicine have been discussed in section I, section II will provide the necessary tools regarding how to create biocompanies aimed at this. In this section there will be 3 talks lasting 15 minutes each (investor + bioentrepreneur+ business development consultant) followed by a round table debate with those attending.

The aim of this project is to create a yearly reunion related to biobusiness.

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