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Daily life in ForensicLab


The ForensicLab laboratory, at Pompeu Fabra University's University Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA) , has published a video report that explains the laboratory's activities.

In the video, entitled " El llenguatge humà conté informació oral i escrita que ens delata " ( " Human language exhibits spoken and written information which can reveal a number of socio-individual and socio-collective parameters used in voice identification and authorship attribution contexts "), Maria Teresa Turell, the Director of ForensicLab and of the IDEC-IULA Master in Forensic Linguistics , explains the laboratory's day-to-day tasks.

The laboratory, which belongs to Pompeu Fabra University's University Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA), is dedicated to research and teaching work related to forensic linguistics. Forensic linguistics is the discipline which studies the interface between language and law in three areas of activity: legal language, language of the judicial process and language as evidence.

To watch the video click here

For more information about Dr Maria Teresa Turell click here

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